Interlocking Brick Patio’s

Holland Brick

Holland Pavers are by far the most economical of all the Brick Pavers
available to choose from, limiting the spaces between the brick and
providing the best seal possible, giving longevity to your patio.

Holland Style

Uniquely with Interlock Brick, you can mix and blend the colors of your choice
by bordering your patio and/or adding fleck throughout the patio body
There are many Brick Styles and Colors to choose from when picking out the look you desire.

Styles to Choose from:

Holland – ( rectangular ) most economical
Decor – Installation is time consuming due to 4 different shaped brick material
Classico Pavers – Installation is extensive due to 5 different shaped brick material

Dependant on the style of brick you choose, patterns can be
designed to again enhance the appearance of your patio
Available Colors: Natural Grey ~ Red ~ Charcoal ~ Tan ~ Rustic ~ Earthtone