Potentilla (Shrubby Cinquefoil)
Potentilla fruticosa – Hardiness Zone 2
Potentilla are regarded for their continuous, colourful blooms from summer to autumn. This small, hardy shrub has leaves composed of five tiny leaflets. Potentilla prefer full sunlight and well-drained soil and are frequently used for mass planting.

Potentilla Cultivars Ht. Sp. Flowers Features
Abbotswood 1 m 1 m White Hardiest, most prolific white bloomer
Coronation Triumph 1 m 1 m Bright yellow Longest blooming period of Potentilla
Floppy Disk 0.5 m 0.75 m Deep pink Double flowers
Gold Drop 0.6 m 1 m Deep yellow Compact, dwarf habit
Goldfinger 1.5 m 0.75 m Dark yellow Tallest, most popular Potentilla
Gold Star 0.6 m 1 m Golden Yellow Largest blooms of compact, dwarf Potentilla
Jackman 1 m 1.25 m Dark Yellow Large flowers and leaves
Katherine Dykes 1 m 1 m Creamy-yellow Old-fashioned favorite
Moonlight 1 m 1 m Light yellow Fuzzy foliage
Orange Whisper 1 m 1 m Orange Holds colour well
Pink Beauty 1 m 1 m Clear pink Double flowers on the new variety
Pink Princes 1 m 1 m Light pink English cultivar
Red Ace 0.6 m 1 m Deep orange Compact, dwarf habit
Red Robin 0.6 m 1 m Reddish-orange Compact, dwarf from
Royal Flush 0.6 m 1 m Rosy pink Compact, dwarf habit
Snowbird 0.6 m 0.75 m White Semi-double blooms
Tangerine 1 m 1 m Amber Orange flowers fade to copper colour
Yellow Gem 0.5 m 1 m Bright yellow Lowest growing Potentilla