The Benifits of Planting Trees/Shrubs

Ornimental Flowering Crab Apple and Rose Daphne

Ornimental Flowering Crab Apple

On a hot summer day, nothing is more appealing than sitting under the shade of a beautiful tree. Shade and beauty, however, constitute only part of a plant’s value.

Ecological reasons for growing trees and shrubs are to provide habitats for birds and wildlife; clean and recycle the air we breathe and help fight the greenhouse effect on Earth.

ln addition to aesthetic and environmental benefits, trees and shrubs provide economic benefits by increasing property value. When carefully chosen, trees and shrubs provide shade and privacy, and screen eyesores and wind. Selecting the appropriate plant for a specilic site is an important consideration, so it will not outgrow the site in which it has been planted. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, choosing trees and shrubs to suit your property will be interesting and fun! Mature height and spread values in this publication are approximate.

Plant size will vary depending on micro-climate. soil type and degree of care. When cared for properly, trees and shrubs are a long-term investment that will increase both your property value and enjoyment each year.