Spruce Trees

Picea species – Hardiness Zone 2
These majestic, pyramidal evergreens feature needles in shades of blue and green. The spruce tree’s hardy quality is also abailable in dwarf, shrub-like forms. Spruce prefer full sinlight.

Colorado Blue Spruce
Picea pungens – Hardiness Zone 2
Colorado Blue Spruce display longer blue, rigid needles, that other Picea species.

Colorado Blue Spruce Culivars Ht. Sp. Features and Foliage
Bakeri 4 m 2 m Conical tree with ling, dark blue needles
Colorado Blue (Glauca) 15 m 5 m Popular pyramidal tree with blue needles
Fat Albert 13 m 6 m Broadly-based tree with rounded form and blue needles
Columnar Blue (Fastigiata) 3 m 1 m Narrow, columnar tree with blue needles
Globe Blue (Glauca Globosa) 2 m 1 m Globe-shaped, dwarf, slow-growing, coniferous shrub
Hoopsii 12 m 2 m Narrow, pyramidal tree with silvery-blue needles
Koster Blue 12 m 3 m Old, well know tree with silvery-blue needles and unique form
Montgomery 3 m 1 m Blue, slow-growing, compact conifer with a conical leader

Norway Spruce
Picea abies – Hardiness Zone 3-4
This coniferous evergreen with needles is frequently used as an accent or rock garden plant.

Norway Spruce Cultivars Ht. Sp. Features and Foliage
Bird’s-Nest Spruce
P. abies nidiformis
1 m 1.5 m Flat, nest-shaped, dwarf coniferous shrub with light green foliage
Dwarf Norway Spruce
P. abies pumila
1 m 1.5 m Globe shaped, dwarf coniferous shrub with bright green foliage

White Spruce
Picea glayca – Hardiness Zone 2
ht. 15 m – Sp. 5 m
This hardy native tree has short green needles which are softer than Colorado Spruce. Commonly used in shelterbelt and acreage plantings.