Deciduous Trees


Manchurian Ash
Manchurian Ash


Fraxinus species – Hardiness Zone 2-3
These slow-growing. hardy trees have attractive leaflets which tum yellow in autumn. Ash are commonly used as shade or street trees as they tolerate a wide range of soil conditions.

Fallgold Black Ash
Fraxinus nigra “Fallgold”
Ht. 10 m – Sp. 5 m
This uniform seedless selection of Black Ash retains its golden fall leaflets longer than other ash.

Patmore Green Ash
Fraxinus pennsylvanica lanceolata Patmore
Ht. 15 m – Sp. 8 m
A seedless selection that retains yellow fall leaflets longer than other Green Ash.

Manchurian Ash
Fraxinus mandshurica
Ht. 10 m – Sp. 5 m
An oval canopy of compact, dense leaflets which turn gold in fall.

AZALEA Northern Lights Series
Azalea ‘Northern Lights – Hardiness Zone A
Ht. 1 m – Sp. I m
Clusters of vibrant, double spring flowers are found on this compact shrub. Foliage truns bronzy-red in fall. Azalea prefer a sheltered. partial shade location and acidic,moist soil.

BIRCH Betula species – Hardiness zone 2-3
Cherished for their graceful forms with papery, peeling bark, attractive catkins and elegant foliage which turns yellow in autumn; birch are a favorite specimen tree. These trees require a moist or low-lying site and must be well watered in fall, prior to freege-up. See chart and photos.