Cedar Trees

Cedar – Arorvitae
Thuja occidentalis – Hardiness Zone 3-4
Cedar are distinguished by their small brown cones and aromatic,flat sprays of green leaves that feel just as soft as they look! Cedar require moist soil and an area protected from direct exposure to wind and sunlight.

Cedar Culivars Ht. Sp. Features and Foliage
Brandon 4 m 1.5 m Prairie hardy pyramidal form
Danica 0.75 m 0.75 m Dwarf, globular form
Emerald (Smaragd) 4 m 1.5 m Popular pyramidal for with neon green leaves
Globe (Woodwardii) 2 m 2 m Large, globe-shaped form
Holmstrup 2 m 1 m Stout, pyramidal form
Little Gem (Pumila) 0.6 m 0.6 m Dwarf, globe-shaped form
Little Giant 1 m 1 m Popular, globe-shaped form
Techny Mission 4 m 1.5 m Hardiest pyramidal form with dark green leaves
Wareana (Robusta) 3 m 2 m Prairie hardy, broad pyramidal form


Russian – Siberian Cypress
Micribiota Decussata – Hardiness Zone 3
Ht. 0.5 m – Sp. 1.5 m
Sometimes used as a substitute for horizontal junipers, this low-growing, spreading evergreen has rare, bright green foliage. Cypress prefer well-drained soil and full sunlight, but will tolerate partial shade.