Lawn Care Facts

Lawn Care Facts

Again as Spring arrives we come to the nasty chore of beautifying our property.

Many people attempt to cleanup their properties as best as possible and the challenge now begins in the unwritten battle of neighbors.  Many things influence the appearance of a healthy lawn.  Lawn de-thatching, edging, aerating, fertilization, etc.  Although many hours of dedicated hard work and well earned blisters can achieve good results, nothing can beat the proper tool for the specific job at hand.

De-thatching your lawn is a definite must.  Over Winter, the old dry grass of the previous season becomes matted to the ground.  This makes it difficult for new grass to grow thick and healthy. Aeration is a Landscapers gold mine as aeration is only required if the ground is too hard and compacted making it difficult for roots to grow and moisture to absorb into the earth.  Many people feel that this is a service required yearly, not so.  Many landscapers rely on this type of lack of knowledge to make a quick dollar.  If your lawn is usually even in color and growth, you probably will not require this service.

Fertilizing/Weed Control – Keeping in mind that both of these services is the actual distribution of chemicals on your property, it comes to reason that ANYONE other than the home owner who applies these products MUST be LICENSED by Alberta Environmental Protection and be INSURED separately for this service.  Fertilizer works best when the ground is moist or wet and there are many types to choose from. Although numbers are on the bags, manufactures do not advise what they mean, so I will.  In the order they appear is the chemical in the mixture and the number reflects the strength of each chemical:

Nitrogen – Phosphate – Potash – Sulfur
Each application should be treated differently.  Example ~ Spring:  High nitrogen to promote root growth.

  • Mid-Summer:  Include sulfur in your mixture to darken the green of your lawn.
  • Autumn: A more evenly balanced mixture (Winter fertilizer).

However, Weed Control works best under dry conditions which makes one think; how contradictory the ever-so-popular Weed & Feed really is.

Watering – Is probably the most important thing to know and to do properly.  Most people think that plenty of water will give them a healthy lawn.  This is not true.  Grass is a plant, and as a plant, they have roots.  With frequent watering, these roots do not have to grow and struggle to get its moisture and they remain small and weak.  By depriving the lawn of moisture through the season by watering every 3-5 days vs. daily, your lawn will have long, strong roots which will endure the sun and heat of Summer.  Try to water your lawn areas when the sun is down to ensure minimal evaporation occurs and less water is wasted.

Knowledge is a great thing to give or receive.  The ability to use it is what most people find difficult. Enjoy the outdoors and the beauty it offers and have a great Summer.

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